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3 min readJul 28, 2021

We’re always saying that this is THE issue when we present a topic, but this time, it really is.

This is a philosophical question that humans have explored and tried to answer for thousands of years. Now, through the years much has been said about purpose and lately it’s gained even more traction, starting with younger generations. 94% of millenials say that they want to use their skills at work to serve a purpose.

Apparently there are 152 000 books on the subject of purpose, and now another podcast on the matter. Yet, a study conducted by Harvard Business Review found that only 20% of Harvard students had a strong sense of individual purpose.

And it might be because it sounds a little intimidating, doesn’t it. Your Purpose. It is not a test you want to fail at right? But.. what are we really talking about here?

Join us on our latest episode as we discuss

  • what purpose is
  • why we should be exploring the issue
  • in what contexts we can talk about purpose
  • how some people go about finding it

This has been said to be a big issue, if not the issue, hasn’t it? Maybe not always calling it purpose but this has been the underlying matter in human history.. after all.. because we are the only creatures that are aware of the finitude of their own existence (that we know of) and knowing that this existence is limited makes us look for transcendence.

Throughout history humans have certainly been trying to leave a mark somehow, something to let others know that we were here. That once we die we don’t fully disappear into oblivion. That this whole ordeal on earth was not in vain.. Or in simple terms: that my life has meaning, a why, a purpose.

So.. you guys..before you start having an existential crisis … chill, we’re here to help.

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Remember: many times people dive by themselves straight into these questions and go from denial -or sometimes plain rejection- to asking themselves about their deep feelings and when they do this so bluntly, or too alone, they end up feeling overwhelmed and that is not the idea either.

We are here to offer a hand. Join the conversation. This is not meant to become another point to the huge life checklist we’re always faced with.

This should not feel like another should for the shouldstorm. We want to spark curiosity here, not feelings of inadequacy.

Because this definitely is a conversation worth having.

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