Introducing: The Everything Else, a podcast about soft skills for a meaningful life

The everything else Podcast
2 min readOct 26, 2020

People often talk about soft kills are the skills of the future, but .. what are soft skills anyway?

Well it’s everything that’s not really technical, (like the hard skills) and you don’t really learn about at school. It’s the way you communicate, your work Ethic, your time management, creativity, leadership skills, flexibility, motivation, thinking disposition, the way you learn. Well yes, the list is endless, and that’s why we’ve called our podcast the everything else.

This is us:

And this is how our podcast came into existence this eventful 2020.

During the first few months of lockdown we got together for a webinar on
how to help ourselves, and others, during a crisis, and we had so much fun
and got such nice comments from people who attended, that we did another one.

In our second webinar we talked about the future of work post pandemic,
and again, we had so much fun and such great reviews that we felt we were onto something. So we started thinking about how we could make those conversations a thing.. and how we could share our experiences and thoughts on these issues that had resonated so well with the people who had listened to us.

We joked at first about how great it would be to have a podcast. We wanted to share our experiences and have an excuse to keep teaching. But after a couple of jokes the idea of a podcast didn’t seem so wild. So here we are.

This project implies being completely out of our comfort zone, but,
like our pal the fish in our logo, kicking it back and enjoying the ride. Thanks to Abstracta and Inc for making this possible. And thank you for joining us!

Welcome to The Everything Else.

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The everything else Podcast

A pretty entertaining podcast about soft skills, hosted by Vera Babat and Mercedes Remedi.