Meet the women behind The Everything Else podcast.

Entrepreneurs, leaders and teachers. They share their professional views with tools to enrich your practices and gain perspective.

I’m Mercedes, but everyone calls me Mer. I’m Uruguayan by choice, multicultural in essence. I’m an entrepreneur, but a bit of a reluctant one to be honest, since I’m nothing like the typical description of
entrepreneur…come to think of it, this kind of makes me a specialist in
operating outside of my comfort zone. I’m a firm believer in collaboration,
team work and flexibility, I find these self descriptions really annoying and I laugh easily. Oh, and apparently I swear easily too.🙄

I’m also a mom, a nature photography buff and a teacher, even though I don’t
teach anymore, you know what they say… you can take the teacher out of the
classroom but you can’t the take the classroom out of the teacher.

I’m Vera and I have terrible problems defining myself in these types of situations. To be honest, I’ve always felt that the “neither/nor” descriptions fit me best. Whether it was countries of origin, religion, language, interests, even professional paths.. I’ve had more than one. And today that I am neither old nor that young I’ve come to think of it as an asset.

A clinical Psychologist, bringing together psychology, philosophy, entrepreneurship, nature advocacy and teaching fascinates me. And that is what I do also as Chief People Officer of Abstracta. I believe in sharing inspiring stories, experiences and ideas. It works! This is probably why collaborating with others to help them fulfill their potential, while connecting, sounds like hell of a plan!

But it’s not like I go changing all the time! I’ve shared more than half my life with my husband and we have two kids who remind me constantly that finding balance is a work in progress.



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The everything else Podcast

A pretty entertaining podcast about soft skills, hosted by Vera Babat and Mercedes Remedi.